Two black holes between our skins

My generation has born and grown up in the era of global transfers – of goods, money, information, humans. In the last decade the number of young people who leave their country looking for better prospects has largely increased; identities and cultural heritages consolidated until a few years ago are now being called into question. In this contest the internet becomes the easiest way to build up and develop our social life. Relationships arise online and frequently feelings are filtered through a wi-fi connection. This situation of extreme mobility - of things and events - has shaped and shapes our lives, throwing my generation in a spiral in which economic uncertainty often combines with a precariousness of passions, relationships, feelings.

The project is presented in the form of a photo album, in which photographs alternate with screenshots captured from Skype conversations and digital exchanges occurred with my girl over the first year spent far from my country. As well as the project is a succession of sharp photos and grainy images, memory often ends up confusing the real, physical memories, with the part of the story lived virtually. The shapes of the loved one, the feeling of her skin become more angular, similar to the pixels of a bad Skype connection.